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JASON DAVOLI – HOMEGROWN (no label) On his debut CD, Homegrown, Happy Valley-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Jason Davoli introduces a fresh-sounding blend of rock, pop and country flavors. Through the course of the disc’s eight tracks, Davoli stakes his own turf in the rural/folk-rocking frontier pioneered by John Mellencamp, Tom Petty and Dave Matthews. Helping to color Davoli’s rural-flavored tones are The Badlees’ Bret Alexander on electric guitar, dobro, sitar, mandolin, organ and accordion plus Daniel Collins on fiddle; while drummer David Goodermuth and bass players Michael Krebs and Rodger Brennan anchor on rhythms. Mostly exploring the relationship roller coaster, Davoli’s songs range from catchy and punchy Americana-geared rockers like the disc-opener “One Last Kiss,” “Free,” the driving “Lie to Me” and the upbeat “Back to Me” to rustic ballads like “Dreaming of You” and the disc-closer “Hold Me,” the bluesy Black Crowes-like “Over and Done,” and the romping country shuffle “Fly Away.” Davoli’s crooning is sturdy, smooth and melodic; and his overall presentation is bright and confident. The arrangements allow these songs to breathe, with the various folk instruments nicely surrounding the melodies and complementing the moods. The production by Davoli and Goodermuth is clean, full and balanced; enabling all the components to shine clearly. Homegrown offers a pleasant listen, as Jason Davoli’s blend of hooky melodies and colorful instrumentation results in a cohesive, feel-good set. (To obtain the CD, visit Jason Davoli’s website, www.jasondavoli.com.)